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24 Jun 2018


There are two sides to a story, an explanation or a sales pitch, you and the listener. We have much to share and talk about.  We have tons of details about our product, our plan or our service but what does the listener want to hear?

21 Jun 2018


How long have people been standing stones?

21 Jun 2018

Morphing Headshots

One of my clients came up with an interesting idea. Instead of a static website banner, a slide show or a simple dissolve how about a series of people morphing into each other? I checked with several fellow videographers who had no idea how to do this. So… research, research research and voila. Figuring things out is always satisfying. It’s human nature to want to push the envelope and learn new things.

29 Apr 2018


Compressing a file will reduce the file size while keeping the dimensions and resolution the same. To compress a photo file size in Photoshop you can use the Export function which will create a new smaller file without changing the original From the dropdown menu choose: File -> Export -> Export As… The “Export As…” function will bring up the dialog box as shown below.  Under File Settings lower the quality percentage as much as you need to reach the […]

17 Apr 2018


This post provides a simple 5-step method for adding coordinates to your photos using Adobe Lightroom.  Adding coordinates is called geotagging and creates a permanent record of where you took your photo and allows the photo to be added to Google Earth and other mapping applications.  The first step is to import your photos into Lightroom and select the photo to which you want to add coordinates. The image below shows us in the “Library” module (the word Library is […]

09 Apr 2018


If you have a Google account you can create your own custom maps and add photos.  This is a great way to record locations where you’ve taken photos. The first step, of course, is to log into my Google account. I go to Google Maps and search for my location.  The photo I am going to add is in Frenchtown. When the map takes me to Frenchown I click the “hamburger” in the upper left corner to display the map […]

27 Sep 2017

Picture Day at Crown Plaza, Princeton

If you’ve ever been part of a corporate headshot shoot (either as a photographer or a “head”) then this probably looks familiar.  Instant studio in a vacant meeting room. When people come by for their headshot, a lot of them tell me they hate having their picture taken.  That’s entirely reasonable and understandable but it don’t bother me none.   It’s actually a lot more fun that they expect.  Plus I’m pretty efficient so it doesn’t hurt too long. Meetings and […]

22 Sep 2017

Equinox 2017

Happy Equinox. About equal day and night today as we continue to spiral and dance with the sun through the cosmos. (Maybe I’ll build a circle of stones to mark these events.  I wonder if anyone ever thought of doing that.)    

19 Sep 2017

Is it a gourd or a feeling?

What’s for sale here? On the surface, it’s a funky looking squash.  Taken just a little deeper, it’s a decoration, a feeling of fall, a memory of Thanksgiving dinners, leaves blowing across the lawn, crisp cool air … A pretty good bargain for a few bits. What are you selling?  

13 Sep 2017

Seeing monkeys do …

Monkey see, monkey do?  Maybe not such bad advice, depending on what the monkeys are doing.