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13 Oct 2017


Everybody is somewhere. (Whether we know where we are is another question.)  For many businesses, it is all about location, location, location.  Where you are matters. When it comes to commercial photography, the images produce often are created to show the feel and character of a business’s location.  This also is true for business communities, like Frenchtown, NJ, that rely on visitors. Digital photography allows us to tag our files with latitude/longitude coordinates and on-line tools, such as Google Earth […]

11 Oct 2017


It was an interesting evening at the NJPAC with 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial candidates, Lieutenant Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy.  The house was packed.  NJPAC is a great venue and was the perfect setting for this event. It was refreshing to see Kim and Phil interact with respect and dignity.  After meeting them and hearing their views I’m not really sure who I would vote for.  Being Governor of NJ is a tough job and both of them seem up […]

10 Oct 2017


Steve Sears bends metal.  The hard stuff, … iron. Iron doesn’t want to bend.  It takes prep.  It takes conditioning.  It takes energy.  Steve’s energy. Steve has been bending metal for decades.  He knows what he wants and how to make it happen.  Most people call Steve an artisan. He calls himself, “Steve.”  Bending iron is what he does, and does well.  He doesn’t worry about labels.  We all do what we do, whatever that may be at any given […]

09 Oct 2017


Dr. Dan Cohen, “Dental Care 4 Kids” understands his patients.    They are less concerned with all the things that adults appreciate about him and are more concerned about how they feel when they visit.  Knowing this, Dr. Dan has created a dental office environment that kids actually  look forward to visiting. From cartoons and game-filled iPads in the waiting room to fun window displays in the hallway Dental Care 4 Kids has a relaxed, stress-free feel.  While the concept […]

03 Oct 2017


I had a great session with a psychotherapist, recently.  A photo session, that is. Josh Kates (http://www.joshkates.com/) has been helping people regain their balance for over twenty-five years and is still active and eager to help people be who they truly want to be.  It’s an art. Josh wanted to update his headshot and reached out to me to do this for him.  For professionals like Josh, he ‘is’ his product and a good headshot is important.  We talked about […]

01 Oct 2017


Are you selling features or an experience? I think we all know that our clients want a positive experience from what offer, whether it’s a product or a service. Dranoff Properties is building a high rise, luxury apartment complex just across from NJ Performing Arts Center in Newark with no shortage of features.  It knows how important quality features are to people and it also knows that people want a quality living experience. It is a little early in the […]

29 Sep 2017


When Habitat for Humanity asked me to shoot its fundraising gala I was happy to learn they would be using a step and repeat banner.  Step and repeats are always an excellent idea for big events.  Not only are they great for branding yourself and getting sponsors they make it fun for guests to get their photos taken.  When it comes to big event, especially fundraisers, it’s important to remember that its the guests who make it successful. I’ve photographed […]

28 Sep 2017


I wanted to share this great website, called the Photographers Ephemeris.  It easily shows you the position of the sun and moon any time of day for any day of the year.  I discovered this site years ago when a client wanted to take a photo at a certain place on a certain day at a certain time and I wanted to know where the sun would be. I have it bookmarked and I use it all the time when […]

26 Sep 2017
Special Team


Dr. Jody Serra, owner of the Center for Natural Wellness offers a range of chiropractic services from adjustments for children and adults to special concierge treatment for NFL athletes.  Jody and his team provide different approaches to their various patients based on their individual needs. Like most business owners, Jody recognizes the need to frequently update and refresh his web presence and so scheduled an afternoon to get some new business portraits. We discussed standard, studio-based headshots (which are always a […]

20 Sep 2017

Topped Off in Newark

Newark, NJ continues to grow and expand with the help of Dranoff Properties (dranoffproperties.com) which is building a 22 story luxury apartment complex just across the street from the NJ Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). Dranoff and its PR firm, Evergreen Partners (evergreenpr.com), brought me on to photograph its Topping Off Event held to celebrate reaching the height of 22 stories with the men and women who did the construction and the VIPs who helped make  it happen, including Newark Mayor Ras […]