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Bill Brokaw, Brokaw Photography

I love clicking on "About" pages to see what I will find.  Sometimes it's just a marketing piece and sometimes it's insight into what a company is all about. For my own About page I mostly wanted to make sure there aren't a lot of typos.  (They always seem to slip though.)

This is my short form About page.  One day I sat down and wrote up a long form that I put into a blog post.  I call it my micro-memoir.  It's everything you could almost, possibly, maybe want to know, more or less.  This About page is my marketing piece.

Brokaw Photography is entirely owned, operated, fussed-over, managed and administered by me.  My mission is to be reliable and professional creating high quality, story-telling images and short videos that grab viewer's attention and prompt them to take action.   I want viewers to engage with you and understand what you are all about.

I get excited about doing assignments whether headshots in my studio or location assignments.  It is what I do.  My ikigai.

I've worked for hundreds of local businesses from corporations like J&J and Raymond James to sole proprietors.  My favorite shoots and videos are for local businesses where I know my work is making a positive impact.

I've been doing photography for other people, organizations and companies nearly my whole life (since 10) and I don't ever plan to stop.  Creating quality images that people make use of is very satisfying.  My clients have rewarded me with a  5-Star rating on Google and a wealth of wonderful reviews for which I am grateful.

I like being active in my local community as a member of both the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce and the Frenchtown Business and Professional Association and contributing my energy and talent to help them grow and serve their other members.

I'm also the founder and Executive Director of The Photographers Group LLC (photographers.group) a collaborative collection of over 200 photographers working together.  We specialize in documentary style photography projects that celebrate our world.  Our projects include The River Towns Photo Exploration Project,  Summer on the Delaware,  Frenchtown 150,  Trees River Stone, and The Hunterdon Retail Photo Project with many more to come.  All photographers are welcome and encourage to be part of our group.  Just pound on that link above and click on the word JOIN in the menu.

You can find me on Facebook (facebook.com/brokawphoto) and Instagram (instagram.com/brokawphoto) where I post random, quirky daily photos of the world as I pass through it.  My posts aren't portfolio pieces but instead a daily record of what I see and can have fun photographing.

I'm also happy to connect on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/brokawphotography).  We are all in this world together.  Let's make it work for all of us.

Photo from the Cattlemen's Dinner, 1982, Fort Pierce, Florida when I was a pony-tailed photojournalist for a daily newspaper.  (Not sure I would have liked to have met them in a local bar, especially the guy with the whip)