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About Me

Commerial Photographer, Videography, Visual Marketer

Bill Brokaw, Brokaw Photography

I cut my teeth as a photographer in the news room of a daily.  Everyday I'd pick up assignments ranging from business portraits to sports.  Shoot, soup, print and deliver before deadline.  It was exciting and challenging to parachute into unknown, uncontrolled situations and find those story-telling images that grab the viewer's attention.

The technology has changed (my fingers don't get wet and stained with developing chemicals anymore) but the principles are eternal, get great story-telling shots that grab the viewer's attention.

My background in photojournalism as well as event and portrait photography brings a fresh, real and enthusiastic flavor to my commercial work.  I love to think of myself as a visual voice for my clients, creating images to show what they are all about and that prompt viewers to take action.  Not only does a photo say a thousand words, it also conveys and expresses emotions.  My job is too produce warm, strong positive emotions on the part of the viewer so they feel good about you.  Here are a few reviews from my clients. Client Reviews

I enjoy being an active part of my local community and often photograph local events for charity and worthy causes.  I'm also a happy and eager member of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce and enjoy contributing my energy and talent to help it grow and serve its other members.

I have a big, bright studio where I often do headshots as well as run photography workshops, hold group photo shows for my other photographers and where I lead a large photography Meetup Group that meets monthly. (Frenchtown Photography Meetup)

I am also the founder and coordinator of many collaborative photography events that draw hundreds of participating photographers from around the region to explore, shoot, display and expand their photo skils.  Our projects include The River Towns Photo Exploration Project, Summer on the Delaware,  Frenchtown "150,"  Trees River Stone, and Hunterdon Places.  It is a never ending journey and I'm loving every minute of it!


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Commercial photography and videography are about visually expressing what you are all about. The intent is to create images that communicate a message and evoke a positive emotional response on the part of the viewer. Done well, photography and videography are your most powerful marketing tools.

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