About me

About Me

Commerial Photographer, Videography, Visual Marketer

Bill Brokaw, Brokaw Photography

I cut my teeth as a photojournalist in the newsroom of a daily paper. My mission was to generate story-telling images that grab the viewer's attention. That's what photography is all about.

I'm a visual voice for my clients. My job is to create high quality, well crafted images that tell (and sell) their story and create strong, positive emotions on the part of the viewer.

Here are a few reviews from my clients. Client Reviews

I'm active part of my local community and often photograph local events for charity and worthy causes.  I'm an member of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, contributing my energy and talent to help it grow and serve its other members.

I have a big, bright studio where I often do headshots as well as run photography workshops, hold group photo shows  and where I lead a Meetup group that meets monthly. (Frenchtown Photography Meetup)

I am also the founder and coordinator of many collaborative photography events that draw hundreds of participating photographers from around the region to exhibit their work and expand their photo skills.  Our projects include The River Towns Photo Exploration Project, Summer on the Delaware,  Frenchtown 150,  Trees River Stone, and Hunterdon Places.

To quote one of my favorite National Geographic photographers, Joe McNally, "Photography is a journey with no destination."


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Photo from the Cattlemen's dinner, 1982, Fort Pierce, Florida when I was a young, pony-tailed photo journalist for the daily newspaper.  I think these guys were just mugging for the camera, but then again, I wouldn't want to have just met them randomly in a local bar (especially the guy with the whip)